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Pivoting during Covid-19: our new vision

Updated: May 27, 2020

A Wine Adventure was initially launched to allow you to ‘Tame your wine’.

We wanted to offer a way to teach wine tasting with the help of games and wine tasting accessories that would make it fun and easy to learn. The goal was not to do wine tasting session in order to sell you wine at the end, but truly to ‘desacralize’ the approach to wine tasting. To make it accessible to anyone, bringing the knowledge and the attention that would allow you to make every wine unique to you.

Then COVID-19 happened and whilst face to face masterclasses with accessories was no longer an option, the need for wines, during the lockdown, ramped up. But we saw what staying at home did to the planet: wild animals came out again, pollution slowed down, and people realized this could be a turning point in our approach to travels, consumption, quality of life and what really mattered.

While this was an opportunity to provide some wines, we thought that the values and the vision for the wines should be to select only wines that would be produced in a sustainable way with the future in mind. Organic certified but also sustainable wine making, soil management, would be our number one selection criteria.

We read and discovered the High Environmental Value definition (see blog post on sustainability in wine) and sought winemakers that would follow these practices. We also added a criterion to select women winemakers’ wines as much as possible to support the diversity we strongly believe in. These wines are highlighted through a special category and we are looking forward to bringing more soon.

This is an adventure and you are part of it. We hope you like our vision!

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