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"Bringing a new fun and educational perspective to the wine world. Passion and the willingness to pass along her knowledge to others are the best assets that Wine Adventure and Mimi can offer anyone who wants to learn about wine (in formats like Wine Cluedo, etc.). Mimi the host is very well organized and I was impressed by the setup she offered to the participants !!"

We had a very pleasant evening. Mimi was a perfect host: through playful workshops, she allowed us to discover more about the world of wine. I highly recommend this adventure in which all your senses will be in action."

We had a great evening of "Wine Cluedo" with Mimi, our perfect hostess who set the tone of the mystery from the start of the evening. A very well put together course from start to finish, balanced between the different stages of discovery of the wines and the clues. All the guests found it to be a truly original evening, learning while enjoying themselves. Mimi's expertise and dedication is impressive! She answered all our questions with calm and patience.

In short, I highly recommend it!

I can't wait for the next WineAdventure!

"Fun and original way to learn more about wines and perfecting wine tasting skills. The organization and animation - in small virtual break-out groups makes it a surprisingly human experience. Is suited for both amateurs and connaisseurs. Highly recommend you try!"

Learning about wines in a very light-hearted and fun "adventure" through Wine Cluedo - with really palatable wines too! Mimi makes the experience very interesting with her passion, knowledge and excellent sense of humour!

"I had a great time with Mimi and I learned a lot about wine tasting through her very fun and playful approach!"

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