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How to build a wine tasting education start up during covid times?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

The article published on Epicure here

What it is: Teaching wine tasting with the help of games and wine tasting accessories to make it fun and easy to learn. There are several classes a week depending on her schedule. Founder Mimi Giraud also wanted to offer wines, but with a difference – those adhering to High Environmental Value and showcasing diversity as much as possible.

Founder: Mimi Giraud, who holds a WSET level 3 and founded the INSEAD Alumni Wine Club in Singapore. She is also APAC chapter president for Women of the Vines & Spirit.

Check it out: While you can shop for wine games and an array of organic or sustainable wines that were previously not carried in Singapore, it is Giraud’s “gamification”-style masterclasses that are the linchpin of her philosophy. On regular rotation is Wine Cluedo, a whodunnit style murder mystery to be played in teams. Your objective is to investigate the death of a young winemaker, while also using your senses to identify the contents of the bottle. Participants learn to identify wine through visual, olfactory and taste analysis in a fun and engaging session. Bubbliness and Winefullness are similarly classes that combine blind tasting, quizzes and team competitions.


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