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Sip & Savor Singapore: unveiling the city's wine fusion and culinary delights!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Singapore is certainly where culture infuses the wine scene into a one-of-a-kind fusion.

Singapore's modern wine market showcases boundless diversity, echoing the city's eclectic essence. From sought-after Burgundy classics to captivating Japanese garage wines, Singapore's selection satisfies every palate. This varied array underscores the city's cosmopolitan spirit and its residents' ever-evolving tastes.

Once upon a time, wine consumption was a rarity in Asia. The reasons were twofold: Firstly, wine was a very expensive imported product. Secondly, the robust flavors of spicy, deep-fried dishes often called for stronger accompaniments than wine. Even today, at hawker centers, where the heart of local culinary culture resides, you'll find mostly beer that matches well with the strong flavors. Yet the story changes as we delve into fancier establishments.

Singapore's fine-dining restaurants boast some of the most impressive wine selections globally. The local sommeliers can offer the guests perfect pairings, even for traditional Singaporean delights such as laksa and chilli crab.

So, imagine celebrating Singapore's heritage with your cherished hawker center delights, but with a twist – pairing them with just the right red or white wine!

Pairing wine with traditional Singaporean dishes can be a delightful adventure for your taste buds. Here are some wine tips to elevate your dining experience:

Laksa & Riesling

Why: The slightly sweet and aromatic nature of Riesling balances the spicy and rich flavors of laksa. The wine's acidity helps cut through the creaminess, while its fruity undertones harmonize with the complexity of the dish.

Chicken Rice & lightly oaked Chardonnay

Why: The wine's buttery texture and subtle vanilla notes mirror the dish's comfort, while its acidity handles the fragrant rice and ginger elements.

Mala Hot Pot (Steamboat) & Gewürztraminer

Why: The spicy, fragrant nature of Mala hot pot calls for a wine with a touch of sweetness. Gewürztraminer's exotic aromas of lychee, rose petals, and spices align with the varied ingredients and flavors in the hot pot.

Why: Zinfandel wine's fruity and peppery taste matches the smoky flavors of the satay. Zinfandel's boldness perfectly matches the savory marinade, while its spiciness wonderfully complements the dish's seasoning. When you put it all together, the flavors blend nicely and make the whole meal even better.

Chilli Crab & Viognier

Why: The intense flavors of chili crab call for a wine with weight and a hint of sweetness. Viognier's lush and fruity character balances the spiciness, and its floral notes complement the dish's aromatic spices.

Our suggestions are just starting points, and personal preferences play a big role in pairing wine and food. It's a fun exploration to find your own favorite combinations.

Let's toast to the unique blend of old and new, east and west, showcased through the city's vibrant wine scene. Here's to the fusion of cultures, to the open-mindedness that has brought fine wines to hawker centers, and to the splendid medley that defines Singaporean wine culture.

Our TOP 5 Hawker centers in Singapore

1. Lau Pa Sat: Iconic hawker in CBD, try satay; Satay Street is a must.

2. Tiong Bahru Market: Modern-traditional mix; explore Char Kway Teow and Jian Bo Shui Kueh.

3. Maxwell Food Centre: Chinatown hub; savor Tian Tian Chicken Rice

4. The Satay by the Bay: Riverside delight; indulge in Mala hot pot and satay.

5. East Coast Lagoon Village: Coastal vibes; relish laksa and chilli crab specialties.


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