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Why Red Wines May Not Be Ideal for Your Next Cheese Pairing

Updated: Apr 28

Red wine and cheese may seem like a match made in heaven. But white wine may be a much more versatile match to your dairy indulgences. Here's why :

I've selflessly dedicated my life (!) to finding the perfect cheese and wine pairings, sparing you the hassle of years of research! Through extensive, labor-intensive exploration, I've discovered more perfect matches with white wine than red.

Here are three reasons why white wine might reign supreme for your cheese platter:

  1. Tannins Overpower Delicate Flavors: High-tannin red wines can overpower subtle cheese flavors, masking their nuances and leaving an unpleasant aftertaste.

  2. Acidity Levels: Red wines often have lower acidity than whites, resulting in a less refreshing palate cleanser when paired with rich cheeses. Higher acidity in white and sparkling wines provides better balance and contrast to the saltiness and fattiness you find in cheese.

  3. Flavor Profiles: While red wines offer diverse flavors like dark fruits and earthiness, they may not always harmonize with the varied textures and sweet or fruit flavors of cheese. White and sparkling wines allow cheese nuances to shine without overpowering.

Some of the best white wine and cheese pairings are:

  • Chardonnay + Camembert: buttery notes of the wine pair beautifully with the creamy cheese

  • Sauvignon blanc + Chèvre : crisp acidity of a Sancerre can be a great pairing to the tanginess of a goat's cheese. 

  • Sauternes + Blue cheese: a textual delight with the creaminess and saltiness of a Roquefort contrasting with the rich honeyed complexity. 

That said, thoughtful red wine selections can create sensational pairings. Here are some favorites:

  • Pinot Noir + Brie: Delicate Pinot Noir fruitiness complements creamy Brie, with its acidity balancing richness and subtle earthiness enhancing flavors.

  • Malbec + Manchego: Rich Malbec fruitiness harmonizes with nutty Manchego, while medium tannins provide structure and depth.

  • Bordeaux + Saint Nectaire: Bordeaux's refined tannins and blackcurrant notes beautifully enhance creamy Saint-Nectaire textures.

Have a pairing suggestion? Let me know in the comments, and I'll put it to the test!


Mimi Giraud - A Wine Adventure founder After completing an Executive MBA at INSEAD & passing her WSET level 3 (wine certification for professionals) with flying colors, Mimi's strongest motivation is to develop wine appreciation through games & share the amazing potential, complexity & beauty of the world of wines.


Her gamification concept for masterclasses brings a refreshing and fun way to learn about wine tasting. If you are interested in finding out more about wine pairing, join Mimi for a masterclass.

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