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5 new women winemakers who are rocking the world !

Every purchase you make is a vote towards a future world you want to live in. We believe it is one where women should be equally represented in the wine industry.

At A Wine Adventure, we have a special category for wine made by women. Let’s meet some of these women, support them, and highlight their amazing work:

Marianne Gamet :

Champagne Gamet, Champagne, France

"Since I was born, I’ve been rocked by the vibes of making champagne and it naturally became a passion. I guess…also…having the chance to work for myself and develop my own project was a really good reason to take over the family business." says Marianne Gamet, Champagne grower

Marianne took over her family vineyard after finishing the French business school EDHEC and now runs the 4 generations business with her brother. She produces an organic Champagne in the Marne Vallee and uses a mix of modernity and tradition in her approach.

Her wines are made in both stainless vats and oak barrels, exhibiting a great diversity in style, finesse and savoir faire.

Listen to her life journey postcast, between Lille and Singapore. (Yes, she lived in SG!)


Baia Abuladze :

Baia's Wine, Western Georgia

Baia Abuladze is a young 25-year-old winemaker who is making some of Georgia’s buzziest wines. Baia, her sister Gvanca and their family are bringing new life and energy to Imereti, a region with a intense history as a separate kingdom from 15th century. Baia’s and Gvanca’s wines all centre around indigenous grape varieties of Imereti region. Baia produces her wines using the traditional method of Qvevri, where large earthen clay jars are buried under the ground.

With the help of women winemaker specific grants, Baia procured the necessary tools to bottle their first vintage in 2015 comprising of 5,000 bottles.

Over the years, Baia and Gvanca have been making unique women made wines with a purpose of preserving and being a part of the 8,000 Georgian wine tradition. Over 50% of Georgia's agriculture sector workforce is comprised of women, but there is only have a handful of commercial women winemakers in Georgia.



Julia Casado :

La Del Terreno, Bullas DOP region, Spain

La Del Terreno was created by young and pioneering winemaker Julia Casado, who dedicates all her time to the traditional viticulture of the Monastrell grape.

Coming from a background in music, Julia Casado’s first encounter with winemaking came in the Pfalz region of Germany where she combined her musical studies playing the cello with a stage at a local winery.

Julia’s musical sensibility shows in her wine. Monastrell can be a tough grape, especially from this hot Mediterranean climate, but somehow she has managed to make it sing in harmony with some of the region’s best.

In 2016, she ventured out on her and built her own winery from modular units and railway sleepers in the small appellation of Bullas. She has produced her wine there since.

Julia tends to 50-year-old bush vines, situated on sandy loam soil in three different villages in the north-west region of Murcia: Moratalla, Cehegín and Bullas. She is an independent, strong, and courageous producer who started this project on her own, with minimal intervention and no agrochemicals. This work results in incredibly expressive natural, modern wines.


Anna Martí Pitart, Ca N'Estruc :

Esparreguera, Catalonia, Spain

Anna Martí Pitart is a viticulturist who grew up in a family of winemakers at Ca N'Estruc estate, which was established in 1574. Her father, Francisco, has been making wine there for many years, and the family has a long tradition of viticulture. Anna has been working with her father to embrace high-quality, environmentally conscious agriculture, replanting the estate to indigenous Mediterranean varieties and moving away from selling wines in bulk.

They have been certified organic since 2012 and are pursuing Biodynamic certification from Demeter.

Since 2013, Anna has been making her own wines under the Ca N'Estruc label, focusing on ancient, low intervention methods and smaller production quantities. She works without additives, never filters or clarifies, and bottles only by gravity.

Anna farms local varieties at Ca N’Estruc, blessed by Mediterranean breezes and sheltered from northern winds by the iconic Montserrat mountain range.

Anna has been working with local experts to pursue Biodynamic certification from Demeter since 2019 !


Susana Pérez :

Paso de San Mauro, Rias Baixas, Spain

"Although I was born in Vigo, my family is from the Ponteareas area. My grandparents, and then my parents, had a vineyard and a small winery for self-consumption and some sales in the surrounding area. I helped them as much as I could, in the field work, during the harvest... It's something that has always been a part of my life. Later, I went to study Agricultural Engineering at the University of Santiago and furthered my studies in oenology at the Miguel Hernández University in Alicante. Afterwards, I worked at another winery in O Condado making white wines, and before that, with red wines in Alicante and Priorat." Now Suzana Pérez is one of the 3 excellent oenologists of the 3 wineries of Vargas. She is in control of the Pazo de San Mauro winery and its wines are worth a visit



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