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Cerdon discovery: “Tender and round, these bubbles will spice up your week-ends!”.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This was the title of an article that I read over 2 years ago, when I first heard about the Cerdon. At best I knew champagne (from Champagne), Cremant (from other regions in France) and a few other sparkling wines from Italy, Spain and Australia. But Cerdon? Near the Alps? I had never heard of it!

But it had become quite popular in France!

I soon found that that his beautiful organic sparkling rose made with ‘methode ancestrale‘ (all natural) was a perfect match for Singapore. Light in alcohol (8 % abv), with very fine bubbles and slightly sweet, the Cerdon could be served very chilled for appetizers, barbecues, desserts, and would marry perfectly with Asian or spicy food. And for ladies, the deep raspberry colour would make it even more foxy!

And why not use it for parents during kids birthday parties?

So I decided to import it for the 1st time in Singapore. Discover it here! I Cheaper than champagne, sexier than Cava, better that Prosecco, it will be the perfect ‘mise en bouche’ for your parties!

Buy it online here.



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