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Six Women Trailblazers Taking The Wine Industry By A Storm!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

There are not enough women in the wine industry. That is FACT.

In 2020 only 27% of wineries in France are run by women. And recents scandals with the Court of Master Sommeliers yet again prove that it is much harder for women to achieve excellence in this field than men.

At A Wine Adventure, we beleive in closing the gap by representtion. 27% is not enough, so we have made a point of listing at least 50% women made wines on our website. From managing to make a presence to pushing their boundaries to the best, these women have had the courage and conviction to make their mark in this industry and to be treated no less than the men. Today, women are not just making wine but also handling the logistics, marketing and the plethora of tasks it takes to get from grape to glass.

Let us introduce you to some of the trailblazers we have the pleasure of working with.

Virginie Barbosa Lepreux :

Champagne Lepreux-Penet, Champagne, France

Following the family legacy, in which the vines were first grown by her grandfather Jean-Marie Penet and the house was establisehd by her aunt Florence Penet and uncle Jean-Paul Lepreux, Virginie beautifully carries on the family history. She runs the domaine along with her husband François and takes care of 8 hectares of vineyards that have been classified as Grand Cru in Verzy and Verzenay. Creating bubbles and precious moments at her domain, she is a stunning woman who has continued her family legacy with utmost grace.

Christelle Guibert :

CEO of the International Wine & Spirits Competition and ex-Tasting Director Decanter

Being brought up in the Loire Valley, Christelle is one of France's most influential women in wine as the former tasting Director of illustrious magazine Decanter. Not long ago, she stumbled across derelict vineyards in the Muscadet region and was inspired to make her own wine. Christelle teamed up with Vincent Caille of Domaine Le Fay d’Homme with the aim of reviving the vines and the reputation of the region. Her wine is solely based on vines planted way back in 1954 on gneiss made biodynamically. Only a handful of bottles are produced each year.

Meike and Dörte Näkel :

Weingut Meyer Näkel, Germany

Being the 4th generation of the family, Meike and Dörte run the Ahr Valley wine estate along with their parents and have embraced their family’s passion and skill for winemaking. Both the sisters completed initial training as vintners and went on to study for a degree in wine cultivation. They gradually took over the estate with a handover from the previous generation. Today, they are successfully making the magnificent terroir of the steep slopes by the Ahr tangible in mineral-laden and fruity Pinot Noirs. They are now known as the “The Pinot Sisters” who's family have written red-wine history on the northwestern fringe of Germany’s stunning Ahr River region with their use of Spatburgunder (German word which translates into "Late Burgundian").

Céline Barbier :

Champagne Barbier-Louvet, Champagne, France

Owner of the boutique Champagne house Barbier-Louvet, Céline is the sixth-generation in the family to work on this property. She along with her brother handle their Premier Cru vineyards in Montagne de Reims. She is the winegrower and export manager of the house and they produce 40,000 bottles every year. The grapes that don't make it into their sumptuous blend are sold to the very famous Veuve Clicquot House. She will continue to hold the legacy of Champagne Barbier Louvet graciously for the years to come.

Corrine Chevrier :

Bel-Air la Royere, Bordeaux, France

Setting the benchmark of the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, Bel-Air la Royere has been a well-known name since 1992. Corrine Chevrier has always looked for originality and perfection in her wines by creating some of the amazing Merlot-Malbec blends. Increasing the popularity of the Malbec or Côt, a known Bordeaux grape variety which was not used to its rightful potential, Corrine has proven that the varietal has real aging potential. Her beautiful Malbec-Merlot blends give extra importance to Malbec variety in their domain proving it to be not just an illegitimate child of the Bordeaux vineyards.

These are only eleven of a number of driven women playing a major role in the wine industry, but their contribution is unmatched. Every purchase you make is a vote towards a future world you want to live in. We believe it is one where women should be equally represented in the wine industry.

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