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Type: White
Country: Germany
Region: Berlin
Grape Variety: 100% Riesling
Alcohol Percentage: 0%
Viticulture: Organic Farming | Vegan Friendly


Color: Pale yellow
Nose: Light fruity and herbal nose with a typical local minerality
Palate: A wonderfully fresh composition that unfolds light green nuances and treats you with its delicate bouquet of fine fruit

Kolonne Null Non-Alcoholic Riesling 2021

SKU: PR-01440
  • A big bang without the boom! Kolonne Null’s mission is to create the finest non-alcoholic wines. The team is able to accomplish this by respecting traditional craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries to create new innovative flavours and finishing concepts.

    The complex notes and intense flavours don’t appear overnight. This is a result of time, passion, and focus on finding high-quality wines that enabled them to create the finest non-alcoholic wines. They believe that you have to start with a great wine to finish with one. No grape is left unturned. They give their ingredients and the production process the attention they deserve. They look into every detail from the variety of grapes, to their maturation and follow them closely into the de-alcoholization and production process. They don’t stop there. They believe in the importance of sustainable packaging, design, transparency and partnerships that complement and help raise their standards.

    Kolonne Null relies on de-alcoholization by vacuum distillation in order to gently remove the alcohol from the selected wines down to a maximum residual alcohol content of 0.3%. The thermal vacuum has the advantage of allowing the alcohol to escape at a low temperature of 30°C. This method allows the structure of the original wine to be kept intact while delicately separating the alcohol.

    The process is immediately followed by aroma recovery which captures the natural aromas from the wine. This preserves the diverse character and overall style of each individual wine. No artificial flavours or colouring are used. The sweetness that is diminished through the de-alcoholization process is replaced with a subtle amount of natural sugars. Depending on the type of wine, CO2 to added to impart a sparkling character.

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