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Country: Germany
Region: Berlin
Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Alcohol Percentage: 0%
Viticulture: Organic Farming | Vegan Friendly


Terroir: In the middle of the Spanish plateau “Meseta de Ocana” not far from Toledo, three friends founded their own winery in 1999: Margarita Madrigal, Alexandra Schmedes and Gonzalo Rodriguez. The revival of regional traditions became the basis of their way of working, which is characterized by the ecological cultivation of 35 hectares of native grape varieties and the extreme continental climate. Together with Alexandra, the first Spanish red wine, Cuvée Rouge No.2, was developed – she regularly visited the Kolonne office for tastings to follow the development of the co-produced wine together with us
Ageing: De-alcoholisation by vacuum distillation to gently remove the alcohol down to a maximum of 0.3%. The thermal vacuum has the advantage of allowing the alcohol to escape at a low temperature of 30°C. This method allows the structure of the original wine to be kept intact while delicately separating the alcohol. The process is immediately followed by aroma recovery which captures the natural aromas from the wine. This preserves the diverse character and overall style of each individual wine. No artificial flavours or colouring are used

Color: Garnet red
Nose: Intense, with notes emphasising on balsamic and salty licorice
Palate: Full-bodied bouquet, powerful and youthful at the same time. Underlined by pepper notes, dark fruits and berry flavours carry us back to the heart of Spain, to the sunny plateau of La Meseta

Kolonne Null Non-Alcoholic Cuvee Rouge No. 02

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