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Country: Greece
Region: Thrace
Grape Variety: 99% Malagouzia, 1% Assyrtiko
Alcohol Percentage: 13%
Viticulture: Certified Organic | Natural Wine | Vegan Friendly

Color: Golden-red with green shades
Nose: Mature, dense nose, with a particularly strong element of the Mediterranean herbs, chamomile, basil and mint
Palate: Yellow fruit, white and yellow flowers, roasted lemon, passion fruit, nectarine, spicy white spices with granite note makes it complicated. A palate with an excellent balance of flavour and very good acidity and persistence

Anatolikos Malagouzia Wild White 2021

SKU: PR-01060
  • Located in Avdira, Xanthi (or Thrace in Eastern Greece), Anatolikos Vineyards was established in 2005 by Sakis and Marios Nikolaidis, experienced businessmen of Xanthi in the fields of gastronomy.

    The revival of their famous vineyard sites began in 2000. Contributing to this initiative, the brothers started by farming Greek and foreign grape varieties on their unique vineyards located on the dry hills of Avidira city. Some notable varieties include Malagousia, Mavroudi and Assyrtiko. At an altitude of 50-70 meters and a location approximately 2 km away from the Thrace Sea, the sandy-soiled terroir enjoys continuous cool winds and the region�s microclimate, which consistently benefitted the growth of healthy vines and grapes.

    Their distinctive philosophy is summarized by organic farming practices, minimal interventions in winemaking, little or no sulphites added, and spontaneous ferments that provide a distinctive fingerprint to their wines. Their love for what they do and willingness to experiment with amphora fermentation has led them to produce incredible natural wines that are nothing short of exceptional!

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