Country: France
Region: South West, Cahors
Grape Variety: 100% Malbec
Alcohol Percentage: 13.5%
Viticulture: Organic Farming

Color: Dark ruby red in color
Nose: Rich and expressive nose full of plums, blackberries and spices
Palate: Opulent texture with a concentration of black fruits, spices and a well integrated coffee. Dense structure offering a vive and long finish

Clos Triguedina Les Galets 2013

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  • Clos Triguedina has been the cradle of the Baldès family since 1830. The place has a long history rich in the lives of men and women. Pilgrims on the Santiago di Compostella route would often stop there to eat (me trigo de dina in the Occi- tan language of southwest France means “I am looking forward to dinner”). The Baldès family have, for their part, built up Clos Triguedina by passing on their knowledge, determination, and passion from father to son. Their pioneering spirit has led them to be one of the founding families of the Cahors wine region.


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