Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Grape Variety: 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol Percentage: 13%

Viticulture: High Environmental Value (Sustainable) 🌎 🌎


Color: Intense and lovely glow of red
Nose: Aromas of fresh and ripe fruit
Palate: Warm in the attack and good structure on the palate all go to make Château De Lavison a truly authentic wine that can be opened now or within the next 5 years


Chateau de Lavison 2016 Bordeaux AOC

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  • Chateau Lavison is made by Alexandra Martet, her mother and her grand mother. It has a long history: 

    The year 977 marks the origin of Château de Lavison. A simple wooden tower, it will become a castle for the occupation of the English kings and then a pleasure castle for the renaissance.  Although Château Lavison was originally very much an all-male domain, the first vines having been planted here by monks, over the generations, this 13th-century château and its 57 hectares of vines in a single stretch have been increasingly taken over by women.

    Johanne, the grandmother,Martine, her daughter, and Alexandra the granddaughter, now watch over this vineyard in the Entre-Deux-Mers. From 1950 to 1997, it was Johanne who made the wine. Her husband looked after the vines while she was in the winery keeping watch over the vinification process. Then she handed over to her granddaughter, who had initially specialised in wine art before returning to the estate.
    Today, the 60 hectares of vines stretch all around the castle on a height overlooking the valley of Dropt. Part of the estate is conducted in organic agriculture, the other part is in sustainable agriculture (HVE).
    Their philosophy is to be closer to the plant to create wines that respect the origin, the identity of the place and the people who cultivate it.

    'High Environmental Value' certification issued by the French Ministry for Agriculture rewards the winegrower's efforts to make their vineyard particularly environmentally friendly and covers the whole process from vine-growing to bottling.


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